• Positive Approach to PTSD Support

    June is PTSD Awareness Month. We all have a wide variety of experiences and we all handle stress and trauma differently. How we support one another and how we response to our trauma is what makes a significant difference in how we come through.

  • How to survive parenting and keep your sanity

    Being a parent is one of the most beautiful blessings we will ever receive.  Parents are experts at multitasking, being flexible and creative, instilling wisdom and core values, and offering a continual flow of love, hugs, and selflessness.  Being a parent in these unique times can be especially

  • How to handle holiday stress

    The holidays can bring a lot of stress along with the merriment. Take note of some ways to help reduce your stress so you can enjoy the festivities.

  • Managing finances during the holidays

    The holidays are a time of celebrating and gift-giving, but can bring with it financial challenges if we are not careful. Learn some tips for managing finances during the holidays.

  • Remembering our Heritage: One Airman’s inspiration for service

    Every year since 1968, by presidential proclamation, September 15th through October 15th has been set aside to honor the contributions of Hispanic Americans. During this period of time each year we recognize the Hispanic population's significant achievements and contributions.

  • Serving Servicemembers’ children to start the school year

    The start of the 2020 school year is unlike one students, teachers, and parents have ever encountered before. School supplies and school shopping has taken on a completely new meaning, with most first days happening in living rooms through virtually learning.

  • Blaming Victims - Comforting Ourselves

    Victim blaming is not exclusive to sexual assault or even crime. You may hear of a friend’s home being burglarized and think, they should not have bought a house in that neighborhood, but you may also have heard of an acquaintance passing away in a car accident and rationalized that they probably

  • The Founding of America

    The words that open the Declaration of Independence are some of the most profound and inspiring words that have been written on behalf of a revolution. The American War for Independence was one of the first of its kind to be fought against a mother nation.

  • Resilience

    Resiliency is the ability to cope and quickly bounce back from setbacks and challenges that arise, displaying a higher level of strength than before.