• Published
  • By Dr. Julie Reese
  • 944th Fighter Wing Director of Psychological Health

Resiliency is the ability to cope and quickly bounce back from setbacks and challenges that arise, displaying a higher level of strength than before.

Through these past few months of social distancing and staying home, many of you have been tasked with wearing multiple hats, including Airmen, parent, teacher, nurse, accountant, chef, engineer, and more. These extra tasks can create significant stressors that are challenging to overcome on a daily basis. A delicate range of resilience and balance are required to master all of these tasks, including increased self-care and focusing on things you can control, and you have succeeded.

As Airmen, resilience is a significant part of the character and core values instilled from the beginning, and something that is practiced in your everyday lives.

As we slowly reintegrate back into our normal routines, take a moment to appreciate your resilience and connections during these uncertain times, including family dinners, walks, picnics, projects and creative fun time. Implementing coping mechanisms such as these proves that resilience endures and overcomes some of our toughest challenges.

Remember your mobilized comrades and your commitment in supporting the mission of the 944th Fighter Wing in any capacity needed at home. We appreciate all of you and your hard work!