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  • Operation Reserve Kids Engages Families

    The 944th FW A&FRC hosted 43 youth here, ages 6 to 15, as they participated in Operation Reserve Kids, April 6. The event provided participants with insight into what their parents experience during deployment. The intent of the program is to reduce stress for families during separation.
  • Motorcycle Safety Training: What AF riders need to know

    Training season for motorcyclists is just around the corner, and as training gets into full swing, it may be helpful to shed some light on the Air Force’s training requirements, as well as what the proper acronyms are for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses. I’d also like to dispel some misinformation circulating around the Air Force.In 2013,
  • Warrior of Month - Staff Sgt. Denise Miller

    Staff Sgt. Denise Miller was recognized as the Warrior of the Month for March 2019.
  • Air Force handpicks Reserve Airmen to lead customer-focused innovation

    The BRICE app is an iOS app provided with a tablet that brings technical data, forms, and other tools to Airmen on the flight line. The new app has proven to reduce wasted man hours walking back and forth to the tool crib, or office for computer access. This improves flight readiness, data entry, and quickens turnaround time for routine maintenance.
  • D&TF prepares recruits for military service

    In order to assist the young men and women in Arizona who enlist in the Air Force Reserve, in 2012, the 944th Fighter Wing implemented a training program for enlistees to commit themselves before shipping to Basic Military Training.
  • Air Force Reserve expands hiring authority to recruit, maintain readiness

    To meet the needs of America’s national security requirements, the Air Force Reserve Command is expanding the direct hiring authority to recruit Air Reserve Technician maintenance personnel when and where they are needed.“Direct Hire Authority (DHA) enables DoD to recruit and appoint qualified persons directly without applying competitive rating
  • Researching the dangers of vaping

    A Reserve Citizen Airman with the 944th Operations Group is helping her students fight a war against an enemy preying on children: vaping.
  • Air Force’s fiscal 2020 budget focuses on modernization, readiness, confronting global threats

    The Air Force’s budget would rise to $165 billion in fiscal year 2020 under the White House spending plan unveiled March 12, a $10 billion increase that allows the service to grow, modernize and effectively adapt to an array of changing global threats.
  • LRS Superintendent receives Graydon Williams Award

    Senior Master Sgt. Janice A. Wheeler, 944th Logistics Readiness Squadron superintendent, stands with (from left to right) Ms. Alma Shappell, sister of the late Graydon Williams, her son Ethan McManaman,12, Harry Shappell, Graydon William's brother-in-law, and Lt. Col. Cedric Finnen, 944th LRS commander, March 13, 2019,t the Red, White and Blue
  • 944th AMXS receives a new commander

    Lt. Col. Karwin R. Weaver, 944th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron outgoing commander, relinquished command to Maj. Robert Terrazas, 944th AMXS incoming commander during a change of command ceremony March 3.