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  • How to survive parenting and keep your sanity

    Being a parent is one of the most beautiful blessings we will ever receive.  Parents are experts at multitasking, being flexible and creative, instilling wisdom and core values, and offering a continual flow of love, hugs, and selflessness.  Being a parent in these unique times can be especially difficult, as parents are tasked with regulating
  • Approaching each day with strength and positivity

    As we embark upon the New Year, it is important to focus on individual areas of potential growth and opportunities for strength building.
  • How slight the sound of the bells were yet how it gently enlightened my soul

    As the microwave beeped and I moved toward my seat, I realized how slight the sound of the bells were yet how it had gently enlightened my soul for a moment.
  • Recognition of the “Goat” or “Anchorman”

    The recognition category that caught my attention, was not for being Summa or Magna Cum Laude, or Valedictorian, but rather recognition of the “Goat” or “Anchorman,” the last academically ranked Cadet of their class
  • Be proud of your heritage

    As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, let’s commemorate the contributions that unify our legacy to our great country’s rich history and our beloved Air Force’s mission success! Hispanic culture champions diversity and inclusion, as we are a multi-ethnic and multi-racial group. We have become stronger and more resilient as we faced adversity, and we will evoke all the hard work and sacrifice our ancestors overcame to give their children a better future.
  • I learned about leadership from that

    It was May of 2003. I was TDY to Nellis, having dinner at Gordon Biersch with my friend Jack. I hadn’t seen Jack in about 5 years, since we were Lieutenants together at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. In the 90’s, I was a communications officer, trying desperately to get into pilot training, and Jack was working in the test world at Eglin. He had already graduated pilot training and was going to fly the F-16, but was sent to Eglin with the promise of an F-16 training slot at some future date. The Air Force was just ramping back up pilot production after the post-Desert Storm drawdown, and Jack had a fresh set of pilot wings but no guarantee of ever flying again. Jack was a good friend and mentor to me and I sought his advice often; he inspired me to pursue my goal of flying.