Approaching each day with strength and positivity

  • Published
  • By Dr. Julie Reese
  • 944th Fighter Wing Director of Psychological Health

As we embark upon the New Year, it is important to focus on individual areas of potential growth and opportunities for strength building. Acknowledging and drawing from each other’s expertise and strengths, enables us to evolve with more finesse and character. We must remain vigilant and proactive in our efforts of identifying and supporting each other, especially those who are struggling with stressors and overwhelming situations.

Additionally, we must continue to respect and appreciate each other, including unique opinions and creativity. Having the moral character and fortitude to approach each day and situation with strength and positivity will support a healthy sense of well-being overall. Build on individual character and strengths, and remain focused on resilience to support individual determination and growth. Implement healthy coping mechanisms, while achieving personal and professional successes to ensure you are aligned with your goals and the 944th Fighter Wing mission. Let’s embrace our most significant growth in 2020!