Accepting Uncertainty

  • Published
  • By Dr. Julie Reese
  • 944th Fighter Wing Director of Psychological Health

During times of uncertainty, it is important to practice tolerance and a steady calmness. Anxiety is common during these times; however, decisions made out of fear tend to be irrational and reactive. Strive for proactivity, positive thoughts and balance, which will counter the urge to perseverate on the “what ifs.”

Challenge intolerance of uncertainty by asking yourself,

• has worrying ever changed the outcome?
• is it possible to be certain of everything in life?
• how do I navigate other uncertain situations in life and can I do this now?

Futuristic thinking is often connected with anxiety and worry; therefore, when intolerance of uncertainty plagues the mind, consider mindfulness and acceptance. Awareness of your thoughts and feelings, and remaining present in the moment are valuable tools to enduring uncertainty. Let go of external things you cannot control and focus on inner control, including your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Be curious and considerate of your thoughts and feelings as some events in our lives are truly difficult. Avoid trying to change them, and focus on remaining calm, taking deep breaths and embracing positive and grounding cognitions. Trust that you are resilient and will prevail and triumph over any obstacle that crosses your path!