Adapt and Overcome

  • Published
  • By Chaplain. Jasmin Luck
  • 944th Fighter Wing

One of my favorite courses in school was photography. This course taught me various lessons about creative expression and life. The first lesson I learned in Photography 101 was how to adjust the aperture on my camera. Aperture allows photographers to modify the amount of light that passes through the lens. More light makes it is easier for the photographer to bring an object into focus. In contrast, less light makes focusing a more significant challenge. The latter can leave us distracted by background objects in a picture.

We are in an era where an abundance of information can make it easy to lose sight of what is essential. In photography, the person holding the camera can adjust where their focus lies.  Similarly, we may not be able to choose what is happening around us, but we have control over how we respond. We can react in a way that encourages others when they are down and sees the positive when the most natural action is to view the negative. Now more than ever, we need to lead by example and adjust our perspective on what matters most.

There has been significant discussion on ways we can "flatten the curve" through social distancing. While our social interactions may look different for the time being, we should not neglect healthy relationships. If, over the last few days, you have found yourself becoming anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed, this is an opportunity to find strength in your immediate relationships. Social distancing does not have to equate to social isolation. Set aside time to call, email, or text friends and family that are not close by. This is a time when they may need your support the most. We can accomplish more when we work together than on our own.

I encourage you to pause and assess areas where you may need to fix your focus. For some, this may include healthier practices in their physical, emotional, or spiritual lives. If we place our focus where it belongs, we will overcome this crisis and any other challenge that lies ahead of us.

We can adapt and overcome.