Perseverance Amid Crisis

  • Published
  • By Chaplain Daniel Llorente
  • 944th Fighter Wing

We are going through another significant and unforgettable chapter in human history. 

An event that concerns Americans and everyone in the world.  Once this chapter comes to close, each one of us will testify on how the human race once again persevered and pressed on to the next chapter.

Overcoming COVID-19 will take a lot of dedication.  It will test our resolve to care for ourselves and care for one another.  It will cause us to be anxious.  It will challenge us to find encouragement and gather strength to encourage others.  However, no matter what the ordeal is, we are trained Airmen serving in the greatest Air Force in the world.   We are trained and dedicated to lead with integrity, serve others readily, and accomplish our tasks with excellence.

There is a passage in the Bible that comes to mind during trying times.  In James chapter 1 verses 2 and 3, it says that joy is present in trials because it produces faith.  In the Christian faith, a trial reveals the strength of their faith and results in producing more faith, which concludes with joy. 

Similarly, regardless of belief or faith background, once we have conquered COVID-19, it will reveal our resolve and make us stronger as Airmen, citizens of this great and blessed country, and members of this human race.

Chap Daniel Llorente