Bring your “A” Game

  • Published
  • By Colonel Jose Monteagudo
  • 944th Fighter Wing Commander
One of the great things about being here at Luke Air Force Base is Spring Training. There aren't many locations that can claim to host such a consolidated group of teams from America's favorite summer pastime. This year, I've been able to enjoy a few games and there is nothing like the smell of freshly mowed grass, hotdogs and cold drinks.

Spring Training is a time when teams set out to prove themselves by practicing like they play. They try new strategies, continuingly making adjustments and some players, especially minor league players, get a chance to prove their worth to the team. They all bring their "A" game, even if they are just training.

It's the same in the Air Force. Spring Training is like our dwell time here at home station and we practice like we play. We try new systems, new processes and make changes for success so we're ready to go when we deploy (or begin our season).

Some people may think that Spring Training isn't an indicator of how good the team really is. While that may be true, teams can't give a away all their secrets, it is ultimately, the individual level of training and commitment that will make or break the team.

At the 944th Fighter Wing, we are in Spring Training mode. We are exercising and training to ensure success in our real world mission. We need to be prepared for our deployments and be ready to face any adversary. We must bring our "A" game each and everyday. I ask you to take this prep-time seriously and train the way we fight, it could mean you or your teammate's life.