CCAF: AU-ABC CAT 1 Program

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Caution!  Students interested in an AU-ABC CAT I program should complete their CCAF AAS degree prior to enrolling in an AU-ABC CAT I program! 

Situation: CCAF became aware of students simultaneously enrolled with CCAF and in an AU-ABC partner school with an approved CAT I AU-ABC program not having all CCAF credit count toward the 4-year degree. The students assumed the AU-ABC partner school would apply their CCAF AAS credits first, and then any junior/senior coursework taken with the AU-ABC partner school prior to CCAF AAS degree completion. This assumption proved inaccurate for cases when the CCAF degree was not complete. Schools typically have an order of preference, or hierarchy, to apply credits satisfying degree requirements. In a recent case, the AU-ABC partner school applied the school’s earned credit first and then the CCAF credit. This resulted in not all CCAF credit counting toward the 4-year degree. In this instance, 18 hours of CCAF credit did not move over to the 4-year degree. Students should be encouraged to complete the CCAF degree before enrolling in a partner university’s Category I degree program. Doing so will make it clear exactly what CCAF credit will count toward 4-year degree requirements and subsequently what remains to complete the 4-year degree.

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