Celebrating our Airmen: 944FW Senior Civilian of the Year nominees

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  • 944th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The 944th Fighter Wing is built on the foundation of our outstanding Airmen. We are proud of the diligence and commitment these Elite Reserve Citizen Airmen display and are pleased to highlight those who have been nominated for the 2020 944 FW Annual Awards.

The categories of recognition for the annual awards program include rank-based categories: Airmen (E1-E4), Non-commission Officers (E5-E6), Senior Non-commissioned Officers (E7-E9), Company Grade Officers (O1-O3), Field Grade Officers (O4-O6), Junior Civilians (GS 8 and below), and Senior Civilians (GS 9 and above). In addition, we recognize outstanding performance for positional based accomplishments for First Sergeants, Instructor Pilots, and Instructor Weapons Systems Operators.

The members below are the nominees in the Senior Civilian category. We are proud of the many accomplishments of these members and look forward to celebrating them during our virtual awards ceremony on January 30, 2020.

Senior Civilian of the Year nominees:

Ms. Cory Dempster, 924th Fighter Group Budget Analyst

In 2020, Ms. Dempster formulated four unfunded requests, managed seven million dollars in group level appropriations and the 10.7 million dollar fuel program, enabling production of 41 A-10 pilots.  She approved over 500 travel vouchers and cleared a three month voucher backlog.  Ms. Dempster volunteered to make over 50 masks for first responders at the onset of the pandemic and earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration.

Ms. Nicole Martens, 414th Fighter Group Special Access Program Information Assurance Officer

In 2020, Ms. Martens isolated a secure network failure, set up over 350 user accounts on a standalone secure network, and installed and configured six new domain controllers for six active duty squadrons.  She installed and configured 12 digital video recorders and nine laptops, providing critical capability to aircrew debriefs.  Ms. Martens volunteered as a youth soccer team assistant manager, registering 20 players with North Carolina.

Ms. Michelle Sullivan, 944th Fighter Wing Budget Analyst

In 2020, Ms. Sullivan managed a 37 million dollar budget supporting over 2,000 members in four states with a 100 percent obligation rate.  She approved 217 basic military training orders, purchased fleece jackets through dual obligation drops, and audited over 2,000 military pay line items.  Ms. Sullivan volunteered to hand out over 100 lunches to VA nurses caring for COVID-19 patients and is pursuing her Level 2 Financial Management Certification.