Celebrating our Airmen: 944FW Non-commissioned Officer of the Year nominees

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  • 944th Fighter Wing

The 944th Fighter Wing is built on the foundation of our outstanding Airmen. We are proud of the diligence and commitment these Elite Reserve Citizen Airmen display and are pleased to highlight those who have been nominated for the 2020 944 FW Annual Awards. 

The categories of recognition for the annual awards program include rank-based categories: Airmen (E1-E4), Non-commission Officers (E5-E6), Senior Non-commissioned Officers (E7-E9), Company Grade Officers (O1-O3), Field Grade Officers (O4-O6), Junior Civilians (GS 8 and below), and Senior Civilians (GS 9 and above). In addition, we recognize outstanding performance for positional based accomplishments for First Sergeants, Instructor Pilots, and Instructor Weapons Systems Operators.

The members below are the nominees in the Non-commission Officer (E5-E6) category. We are proud of the many accomplishments of these members and look forward to celebrating them during our virtual awards ceremony on January 30, 2020.

NCO of the Year nominees:

Technical Sergeant Alfredo G. Catolico, 944th Security Forces Squadron, assistance noncommissioned officer-in-charge of security forces training and readiness

In 2020, TSgt Catolico led a joint special operations mission, orchestrated a combat tactics course, and facilitated Total Force Integration efforts with the 56th Security Forces Squadron.  He maintained multiple munitions accounts with over sixty-thousand rounds preparing over 200 Airmen for combat operations.  Throughout the year, TSgt Catolico volunteered as a high school wrestling coach, fostering team cohesion for 32 youth.  He also organized multiple blood drives providing over 200 units of blood, increasing the nation’s critically low blood supply.

Technical Sergeant John Howe, 944th Maintenance Squadron, noncommissioned officer-in-charge of combat plans and training

In 2020, TSgt Howe directed the flight’s training program, revised exercise curriculum, and developed a mission set composite tool kit.  He authored a predeployment training course that educated over 200 Airmen and efforts aided in the Maintenance Daedalian award for the second year in a row.  TSgt Howe led and organized a tiger team that executed aircraft inspections and fixed 46 discrepancies which increased munitions serviceability by 40 percent. He also volunteered to assemble and hand out care bags to the local homeless community. 

Technical Sergeant Roxanne Moya, 944th Medical Squadron, aerospace medical flight chief

In 2020, TSgt Moya was handpicked as First Sergeant while deployed to New York in support of COVID-19, in addition to providing over 280 hours of patient care.  She trained over 70 members to operate a patient medical records systems increasing mission effectiveness by 25 percent.  TSgt Moya engaged with the local community supporting the Women’s Veteran Club, mentoring local residents.  She also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Solutions and is pursuing a Physician Assistant degree.

Technical Sergeant Deanna Radtke, 944th Fighter Wing Judge Advocate Office

In 2020, TSgt Radtke drafted over 100 wills, powers of attorney, and family care plans for wing members ensuring readiness.  She showcased her attention to detail by conducting thorough reviews for administrative packages and increased the process efficiency.  TSgt Radtke assisted with foster care child support through case review meetings and provided critical input to ensure the well-being of local children.  She dedicated time to a mental health and trauma course to further assist warfighters in need and she graduated with a 4.0 GPA earning her master’s degree.

Technical Sergeant Michael S. St. Denis, 414th Maintenance Squadron, munitions materiel section chief

In 2020, TSgt St. Denis facilitated joint-service operations, oversaw Headquarters Air Force directed munitions inventory, and coordinated requisitions for fiscal year 2021.  He expedited a headquarters munitions shipment, resolving a shortfall and enabled vital training sorties.  TSgt St. Denis coordinated requisitions, ordered upgraded munitions, and readied the 14,000 hour flying program.  He also volunteered to conduct facility maintenance and construction at a disabled veterans’ farm, improving members’ living conditions.

Technical Sergeant Sandy M. St. John, 924th Maintenance Squadron supply technician

In 2020, TSgt St. John stepped up and performed above her paygrade when deployed and directed logistic support, orders for parts, and delivered aircraft fuel.  She tracked a multitude of stock numbers and secured repaired parts to rebuild the spare parts program.  TSgt St. John drove the stock levels for parts, fixed 282 errors, and exceeded the standard for cannibalization rate.  She volunteered with the USO and completed seven classes towards a Bachelor of Arts in German Studies and Classics with a 3.4 GPA.

Technical Sergeant Ashley S. Wells, 944th Aeromedical Staging Squadron health services management

In 2020, TSgt Wells developed a comprehensive training schedule, designed a unit SharePoint site for critical information dissemination, and trained members on administrative functions.  She expertly deployed members in support of COVID-19 in New York in less than 48 hours, ensuring critical care to thousands of patients.  TSgt Wells executed a unit self-inspection that led to a 55 percent compliance increase.  She stepped up to refresh her unit’s heritage room to highlight teammate accomplishments and volunteered over 40 hours to facilitate a local church food charity event.