The 944th FW November Warrior of the Month: Senior Airman Ian Sutton

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  • 944th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The November 944th Fighter Wing Warrior of the Month is Senior Airman Ian Sutton, 944th Aeromedical Staging Squadron administration helper.

The Warrior of the Month program is a way to recognize and spotlight the Airmen of the 944th Fighter Wing for their positive impact and commitment to the mission.

Time in Service: Three years.

Time with the 944th Fighter Wing: Three years.

Civilian Job: Loss Prevention Officer.

Hometown: Glendale, Arizona

Hobbies: Partaking in athletics, exploring new places, learning, trying new food, playing ping pong, spending valuable time with my many niece’s & nephews, eating & more eating, & being competitive and often sarcastic at times.

Home-life: Very laid-back & I enjoy trying to be lazy, but my old lady doesn’t allow me to be too often. I enjoy cooking even though I am not the greatest at it, but it lets me be creative.

Why did you join the Air Force Reserve?

To better assist with my career & life. I knew that it would help with guiding me down the path to bettering myself.

How does your job support the mission of the 944th Fighter Wing?

It supports the mission by allowing me to utilize my strengths by helping boost morale and be personable with members so that they can get what they need when it is needed. And because nobody wants to have to deal with CSS if we’re going to be a ‘Thief of Joy’ and not be personable.

If you were on a deserted island...?

I would make the best of my time. Which means that I would improve on my skills of being a handy man. Going to have to use my resources smartly, so that I could survive while I am deserted. And Id finally get in better shape.