• With Liberty and Justice for All

    While some believe that the spirit rings true, many would disagree and have the lived the struggle that would win their argument. Many people in America we treated poorly and less than based off of their sex, race and ethnicity. These occurrences went against the idea of freedom and to this day the

  • Early Influences

    As we navigate through societal hurt, beliefs and reflection, it is imperative that we take a microscopic look at our belief systems and how they were formed. From an early age, the adults in our lives have provided a foundational message that shaped our world, and our experiences then influenced

  • D-Day, the battle to end WWII in Europe

    A day would define a generation and bring freedom to an entire continent. D-Day would become known throughout history as the battle that successfully ended the Nazi German occupation of much of Western Europe.

  • Luke, Arizona ANG salute Phoenix

    Luke Air Force Base and the Arizona’s Air National Guard honored Arizona front line responders with a 15-aircraft flyover today, May 1, 2020.