944th FW announces enlisted promotions for June 2021

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  • By 944th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
  • 944th Fighter Wing

Congratulations to the following Reservists promoting in June 2021

414th Maintenance Squadron

               Technical Sergeant Jacob Naber

               Staff Sergeant Juan Arias

               Staff Sergeant Ariel Elson

               Senior Airman Myron Asamoah

               Airman First Class Geovanni Abrilrebollar

               Airman First Class Connor Young

924th Fighter Group

               Technical Sergeant Stuart Cleaves

924th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

               Master Sergeant Rene Pallanes

               Technical Sergeant Nicholas Paxton

               Senior Airman Gabrielle Mills

               Senior Airman Carlos Rosales

               Senior Airman Amanda Tucker

924th Maintenance Squadron

               Master Sergeant Ryan Goode

               Technical Sergeant Korey Giffinpope

               Technical Sergeant Jordan Grant

               Technical Sergeant Brian Wesolowski

               Senior Airman Korben Pierce

               Senior Airman Daisy Urrego

944th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

               Staff Sergeant Amanda Puente

944th Medical Squadron

               Senior Airman Jose Huerta

               Senior Airman Ashley Mathers

               Senior Airman Romie Talamantes

               Senior Airman Christian Whynott

944th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

               Staff Sergeant Udom Gonzales

               Staff Sergeant James Meeks

               Staff Sergeant Dillian Rexroat

               Staff Sergeant Gregory Rhodes

               Staff Sergeant Jocelyn Zavala

               Senior Airman Gilbert Simonton

               Airman First Class Nicholas Conrad

               Airman First Class Trever Ramsay

               Airman Jeremy Danecker

               Airman Jaccob Grahn

944th Maintenance Squadron

               Master Sergeant Charles McCarter

               Staff Sergeant Angel Ceballo

               Staff Sergeant Jessica Daniels

               Senior Airman Frankie Garcia Lara

944th Civil Engineer Squadron

               Master Sergeant Robert Lopez

               Staff Sergeant Jacob Normali

               Staff Sergeant Brandon Perez

944th Force Support Squadron

               Master Sergeant Cody Poole

               Staff Sergeant Arianna Nelson

               Senior Airman Elizabeth Marquez

944th Logistics Readiness Squadron

               Technical Sergeant Michelle Busse

               Staff Sergeant Scott Thompson

               Senior Airman Richard Beck

               Senior Airman Bryan Hernandez

               Airman First Class Brianna Figueroa

944th Security Forces Squadron

               Staff Sergeant Matthew Houston

               Senior Airman Sarah Githens

               Airman Roberto Luna III